Cosmetic Proceduresyou know you're worth it.

Pikeville Dermatology offers myriad services to fit the needs of our clients.  We want to ensure that our clients feel comfortable with the decisions they make about their skin and overall appearance.  Pikeville Dermatology is a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere that seeks to aid every person in their journey to be healthy and happy.

Pikeville Dermatology Services:

  • Photo Rejuvenation
  • Hair Transplants (Men and Women)
  • TCA Chemical Peels
  • Restylane Injections
  • Perlane Injections
  • Juvaderm Injections
  • SmartLipo
  • Laser Removal of Birthmarks, Port-Wine Stains, Pigmented and Vascular Lesions, and Spider Veins
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Cosmetic Repairs of Torn Earlobes, Body Piercing, and Scar Revision
  • Photodynamic Therapy
  • Hyalogy Skin Care
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Meet Dr. LavenderYou're in good hands

Dr. Lavender graduated medical school in 1998 from WOSOM in Lewisburg, West Virginia and did a rotating internship at Logan General. He did an AAPS residency In Dermatology. He studied dermatology in Louisville and done several years of clinical’ work with Ronald D. Hall, M.D. in Pikeville, Kentucky. He also has worked in West Virginia in the Morgantown area.
He studied and performed hair restoration surgery and trained with the originator of the single hair graft, Bill Lemmer. He used numerous plastic surgery techniques to repair the surgical defects created by excision of skin cancers on greater than 8.000 patients. He has extensive has experience with injectable collagen and Botox for thousands of patients.
As a general rule he sees between 35-40 patients daily while doing 6-8 surgeries a day and numerous lasers. He has an engineering background which works with surgical cosmetic procedures using a laser for vascular lesions.
He has hands-on experience in several surgical procedures and plans to add new lasers to the practice. These lasers will enable him to offer services not available in this area.
He sees clinical patients, does hospital consults, cosmetic work,
cosmetic surgeries and laser therapies.
Timothy R. Lavender. D.O.


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Medical Dermatologywe are here for you

Let’s face it. Today more and more people are becoming concerned about their health and with all of the new diseases that we hear about in the news they have a right to be concerned. When it comes to the health of your skin we are hear to help you find the answers that you need, the diagnoses that is right and the treatment plan to get you well again. There are many life threatening conditions that we see weekly and sometimes daily in our office that we are experienced in and are providing the services needed to lead our patients back to wellness. If you or your loved ones are experiencing any of the following conditions please contact our office to make an appointment today. Time is of the essence so don’t put your appointment off, it may save a life.

Suspicious skin leasions

Discoloration of the skin

Pain, itching or burning in an area of skin

Patches of bumpy or thickening skin

Wounds that won’t heal


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